This project was a very fun project downtown for an old school Ice Cream and Soda Shoppe! We converted a boring flower bed into a beautiful and useful outdoor patio space for seating, giving customers a lovely space to enjoy their delicious ice cream and company.

The project required us to excavate the vegetation from the previous flower bed. We the poured concrete with integral charcoal colors for the patio floor, creating the beautiful mix of dark colors that really makes the space a rich color for the enjoyment of visitors. After the pour we used a white joint to bring the rich dark colors together and sealed it up. Three 10′ long bar countertops were then constructed between the columns of the building. The countertops created a beautiful tablespace for everyone to enjoy their frozen treats outside the shop!

Candy Castle is an amazing stop for anyone looking to enjoy a wonderful local small business that caters the ice cream lovers among us!

Before Construction

In Progress

After Construction

All in all it was a fun project that made that neighborhood a more beautiful place to shop, and a prettier place to enjoy some ice cream and soda!

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