During the summer of 2018, J R & B was contracted for a residential job out on Mayfield Rd. This was one of our first big jobs where we were the sole builder for the project. The Homeowner was referred to us by our (concrete) salesman, Dolese. The Homeowner had purchased land in Sand Springs on the lake and hired us to construct the driveways and porches.

There was a long, steep, driveway down to the lake for the four wheelers.

It was a challenging first pour, we started at the bottom, the parking lot the owner wanted was still quite steep.

The first concrete truck got stuck in the sandy ground. Luckily there was a bulldozer guy there, and a guy doing dirt work, they we eventually were freed. Hiring a pump might have helped the job, in hindsight, but overall we successfully completed a total of 45,282 sq ft.

**Fun Fact – It’s June 2020 and we’ve been hired by the homeowner again to pour over 10,000 sq ft of  driveway to the barn recently built on the property

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